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New Version DKV Tachomanager 03.05.2017

Soon there will be a new version of the  DKV Tachomanager available. For more details please click here.   „New Version“


Upload of driver cards and files with Firefox Browser (9.3.2017)

From Firefox Version 52 onwards, Java Applets are not supported within the Browser. Therefore some functions of our application are not available anymore. This includes the uploading of driver data via a card reader and the uploading of driver and vehicle files. Remote Download is not affected. In order to continue using the affected functions, we recommend using Internet Explorer 11 or  Firefox 52 ESR (click on this link) as a temporary solution. We are working on a new version of our application, which does not require Java applets anymore.

New Release with all reporting in local time (31.8.2016)

Despite the fact that all events of the digital tachograph are stored in UTC (Universal Time Coordinated), many customers still request to get the times in the reports displayed in local time. With the new release this will be possible now. The configuration to display in either UTC or local time is done in the company set up parameters. Please contact your servicepartner/support, who will change the configuration parameter for you.

New Release with extended features in the Working Time Reports (01.12.2015)

(1)    Parameter for Working Time driver and infringement reports
In order to allow customized reporting due to individual requirements for the working time infringement reports, various parameters have been defined to configure the reports. The values can be defined by customer and fleet/deport, whereby parameters for the fleet(s) will have the priority.
(2)    Working Time „Driver Reports“:
The existing reports have been redesigned to allow for the individual working time parameters by customer or fleet/depot. The overall design also has been improved, with the result, that more information is shown. One example is “Duty start” and “Duty end”.

(3)    Working Time  „Infringements“The Infringement report has also been adopted to allow for using the individual working time parameters. Within the reports all missing driver times are marked with an „?“. These entries should have been entered by the driver as a post entry in the digital tachograph. The reports considers these missing entries as resting time. In addition the information on “Duty start” and “Duty end” is provided, also the night working rules are taken into account.

Welcome to the DKV Tachomanager

The DKV Tachomanager is an inexpensive, online application to enable secure archiving and reporting of your tachograph data and driver cards.


DKV Tachomanager


upload of all driver and vehicle data in a central webserver over a secure internet connection
easy to use
generates all neccessary reports on drivers and vehicles, including social reports
allways access to your datafiles and reports
storage in a high security service centre
reminder on archiving of driver and vehicle data



  All info about the DKV Tachomanager (costs, FAQ and more)

NEW: additional features from our partner  TACHOfresh GmbH



online display of resting and driving time
display of warnings and violations
display of daily and total mileage

remote download of signed driver and vehicle data
allows download while vehicle is moving

 More information about TACHOfresh.

Hardware to download the data you can conveniently order from our partner TACHOfresh GmbH:
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